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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  February 14, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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♪ >> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. sony pictures classics and fidelity investments. your personally, is made up of the things that matter most including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you readjust your retirement plan, rethink you are invested and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity ira a wide range of investment choices that
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configure personal economy. fidelity investments, attorney here. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions in capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news >> you are watching gm ont bbc world news. shock and disbelief as the south african power a libyan who delighted his fans is charged with murder. the sporting camp and was arrested in his home in pretoria after a woman, his girlfriend,
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was shot dead and he said he thought she was an intruder >> at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman just died. a 26 test year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder. >> will the new steps announced by the european union stopped a scandal spreading and prevent this happening again? they're racist backdrop in st. petersburg between local team at liverpool -- we have a special report on how racist football fans in this city have given the game and ugly face there. also, aaron it is taking a look at in a rhetorical day in the aviation industry. >> it has just been confirmed that these two have mercer -- american airlines and usair was combined to create the world's largest airline with 900 planes
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and 3200 flights every single day what will the world's largest airline mean for the flying public? ♪ >> it is midday here in london, 7:00 in the morning in washington and 2:00 in the afternoon in the south african capital of pretoria were the countries supporting icon has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a woman at his home. the victim is a 30-year-old model who was his girlfriend. some reports suggest he may have mistaken her for an intruder although police have also said they have been called to investigate incidents of a domestic nature at the same as in the past. this picture behind me is the latest we have of oscar after his arrest. we will go live in a moment to
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south africa. >> the police said they were called to this day to a town house complex in the early hours of the morning. when they arrived, they found paramedics trying to revive a woman who had been shot an unspecified number of times and sustained wounds to her head and upper body. she died at the scene and a 9 millimeter pistol was recovered. the 36-year-old bladrunner taken into custody. the dead woman was a model and the athletes girlfriend. initially, there was speculation he may have mistaken her for a burglar. the police spoke of previous incidents that the house. >> i will not elaborate. of allegations of domestic violence. >> oscar pretorius made mr. lester when he became the first double amputee track athlete to
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compete in the olympics. >> the south african sporting context "he is someone who has overcome great difficulty in his own personal life. he was able to run in the olympics not just in the para- olympics and is in sporting royalty in south africa. >> africa has some of the highest rates for violent crime rates in the world with an average of 50 murders per day. over one person in 10 as a gun and there are almost 6 million civilian firearms in the country. these statistics mean gaited housing is popular and this market complex has given -- has been given a high security rating. a publicist spoke of the shock and devastation of hearing of the models death. >> everyone is absolutely in
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tears. it is just the saddest day for everyone. she was an absolute angel. she was the sweetest human being. >> oscar awards ceremony -- he and his girlfriend were the only ones in the house at the time of the shooting. >> >> let's get more on this. we are joined from johannesburg. sorry, we can stay on this camera. shock and disbelief not only in south africa but all over the world. give us an idea of what is known so far. >> thank you.
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shock and disbelief throughout the country. there was comments from loved ones offering support to oscar people offering support to the model who died in the incident. what we know is that a 26-year- old man has been taken into police custody and the police are not able to name the suspect before he has appeared before court. we understand that should happen in the next 13 minutes. >> can you tell us -- the couple had known each other and were going out for a year or so together? were they a mainstay of the south africa socialite scene? >> they were a well-known couple.
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they have been for quite a long time prior to dating but officials, they have been dating since last november. she was happy with the relationship. she was happy about herthey plas for valentine's day. >> do we know the circumstances of the arrest? was there nobody else in the house? it was just he and a girlfriend? >> the police are saying that nobody else was at the house but the suspect and a girlfriend. other reports from neighbors are saying they heard screaming and shouting prior to the shooting at the house. the police have confirmed they received similar statements and are saying this will form part of an ongoing investigation. >> thanks very much. we go outside the court room where there will be an appearance by the suspect in
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pretoria. tell us what you have managed to glean so far. >> we are expecting the suspect shortly. it is likely to be a brief appearance. we understand he will be applying for bell but the south african police say they will oppose that. the want to keep him in prison. early this morning, police officers were at the house to the east of here for some time. they took into a local police station and after that, they took into a local hospital where he was examined by a doctor and they were looking for evidence of perhaps scratches and a fight and a blood test to see whether he was on alcohol or drugs. >> when he makes an appearance, what is normal for trials in south africa? there is huge media interest already and people are gathering outside the court. >> quite a lot of journalists
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are around here waiting for the police convoy to bring the suspect in. it is not clear yet whether the court hearing will be televised the. would depend on the judge. we're expecting him here pretty soon, what happens after he makes his appearance? you say he applied for bell, in a high-profile case such as this, you would expect a fairly efficient trial? >> not necessarily, the south africa legal system which has won praise and credibility around the world over the years does move pretty slowly. i don't think this will be something that is wrapped up very quickly, particularly of the police press ahead with murder charges. they are obviously investigating the scene and forensic examination which is to be
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evaluated. it is still very early days in this story. i don't think we can anticipate this being resolved very quickly. >> south africa has some of the highest crime rates. home owners often have guns to protect themselves against intruders. to that extent, the fact that a pistol was found in a home and what we believed killed a young woman, that is no surprise? >> an 9 millimeter pistol is what the police confirmed was found in the house. we don't know who it belonged to and whether it was registered. so out fabric as a fairly large gun ownership traditionally. -- south africa has a fairly large gun ownership traditionally. most of the murders happen in poor horse -- poorhouses between people who know each other. statistics are still very scary for people who hide in these
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enclosed villa regions outside pretoria and johannesburg. >> thank to very much. that is the latest on that dramatic news in south africa. he is charged with the murder of the young woman. will bring you developments on that. saysbritish government three horse carcasses containing course drug have entered the human feud -- food chain in france. it is a pain killer which is potentially harmful to humans, not to horses. the european union has ordered random tests across 27 member states to check whether forcemeat has been re-labeled as
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beat. >> time to share the intelligence -- arriving in brussels, ministers from the seven countries directly involved in the course meat destination. since january, the first strains were discovered and 18 countries have been forced to withdraw products that contained significant volumes of course meat. norway and germany are the latest for the scale and complexity of the problem is now greater than first envisaged it. >> there is more than one problem here in terms of one person or one entity. we will have to wait and see when we pull together all the data from all the investigation going on there were very few details given on where the investigation had gotten. >> got a plan to better understand how widespread the problem has become. the european commission has come up with a recommendation -- from the first of march, there will be a new regime of testing.
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the testing of all beef products and the testing of horse meat across the union looking for the banned chemical. the new program will run for three months alongside the existing testing regime in each member state. will it be enough to restore flagging consumer confidence? >> at this stage, we honestly don't know but i think the meeting today showed complete determination to reassure the consumer that when they go to buy a processed beef product, they get beat and they don't get course. >> there has been a lot of finger-pointing in recent weeks things are remarkably different on the ground. there are different inspectors in different countries. the ministers agreed that in future there needs to be greater collaboration and sharing data. that will start with the new
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three-month testing program for it if it works, by may, we should know how many of us have eaten horse and whether their reassurances that horse meat is safe is correct >> the ongoing horse meat scandal in europe -- a let's shift gears and talk about business news. there is a big development? >> seconds before we came to air, it was confirmed by u.s. officials about this mega-merger deal of a $11 billion between u.s. air was -- airways and american airlines. american airlines and a rival u.s. airways have merged. it is officials. the deal creates the biggest carrier by passenger numbers but
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is this really the end of an era for american carriers? both airlines have a long history, in particular american airlines because it started out as american airways back in 1930 after a merger of several holding companies. for american, it had its darkest day on september 11, 2001. it lost two of its aircraft to hijackers. as late as 2011, american airlines and a few others filed for bankruptcy protection. dayy is a valentine's marriage with u.s. airways makes the new entity the biggest airline in the world, 900 planes, 3200 flights every single day, and 100,000 employees and the experts have been telling me that all of this is good news for air travelers. >> there should be benefits to the customer and hopefully service will start to improve and you will be able to go between two cities easier.
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hopefully this will be beneficial to customers. there is a concern about pricing. historically, mergers normally do not end up actually leading to ticket pricing going up. the reality is that the aviation industry has been losing money for years and the u.s. a ticket prices need to rise. >> so possibly good news but tickets may rise. we will keep our eyes on that one. 2012 da 14 is not exciting but if i told you that it is an asteroid that is heading for earth -- it has been tracking the 15-meter asteroid and nasa says it will get closer at around 7:30 gmt, pm, on friday. it is not expected to hit the earth but the bad news is it could affect satellites orbiting the earth.
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>> satellites of this size passed by the earth once every 40 years in the last someone hit the earth was in 1908 and caused devastation in a region of russia. the next time could be 40 years, an impact could damage the world's communications system badly. the world relies on the satellite systems far more heavily than most of us realize. all of our aircraft and motor transport systems run on satellite gps and mills and many of the world's clocks are based on signals from space and most of our telecommunications and television signals, at some point, pass across satellites. if the satellite system was damaged, the world would go dark, on that cheery little mouth, --note, it will affect telecommunications. >> thank you very much, not very -- nothing very dark about you. still to come -- could liverpool
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fc face racial abuse when they play in russia tonight? ♪ ♪ >> at least four people have been killed in an airplane crash in ukraine. the aircraft was carrying and two flan28fans passengers remained unaccounted for. >> this is what remains of the small passenger plane that was carrying 45 people after skidding past the runway, it crash landed and turned over. most passengers were able to escape through a crack that formed when the aircraft at the ground and broke apart. >> we were coming into land when we felt the plan increase in speed. after that, it tilted to the left brady plan crumbled when we hit the ground. it was only thanks to an opening
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in the pews laws that we managed to leave before the fire started on board. -- opening in the fuselages. >> i felt things shake for 57 seconds and everything was very fast. the plane tilted 180 degrees and crack apart and thanks to the people who helped us take of our seat belts. i left the aircraft with my friend. >> it is not yet clear what caused the crash for the twin- engine propeller plane dates from the soviet period and was run by a company that runs mostly domestic flights. many passengers were heading to a champion football game. the magic opened with one minute of silence in memory of the dead. >> there is full background to this and other stores on our website at
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you can find plenty of video and audio content including reactions from south africa to the murder case. these are our top story this hour -- police in south africa have charged the para-olympic champion oscar pretoria's with murder of his girlfriend. a teenage boy has been killed when demonstrators in bovver in march the second anniversary of a failed pro-democracy uprising. the lab as architecture an extraordinary history makes a petersburg one of the world's most beautiful cities. behind its charm lies an ugly problem. racist abuse among football fans has been going on there for
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years. last december, acres of st. petersburg supporters issued an open letter to the club setting -- saying they did not want black for gay players. the club has never had a black player and tonight for the first time since that statement, they take on lever pulled in a match and liverpool has three or four prominent black players. they are worried about being racially abuse. we go outside st. petersburg stadium. or liverpool has been reassured that the fans and players will not be subjected to abuse? >> it has been two months since that controversial manifest was released by one of the biggest groups here. the absence of black players is an important part of that tradition and there has been widespread condemnation from the
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club itself. russia has not had a response since then per deliverable game tonight -- the liverpool game tonight is the first test of the reaction. they have least two black players and we will see how fans react when they kick off in under five hours. surrounded on all sides by the frozen river, the petrovski stadium tonight will host liverpool with interracial, international stars. fans are known for their passion and showmanship that they are also known for their racism. the team has never had a black player because, according to prius managers, the most hard- line fans would not accept that in this city, the supporters want a white only team. >> it is a tradition going back
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god knows how many years i wanted to stay like that there is no black in the colors. there should only be white players, a white teen. >> in december, one of the main fan groups shocked the football world by saying that the absence of black players at the club was an important tradition here and complained that black players were being imposed on the club. >> andrew sbarro has been living there since 1986 and is a supporter. fans have called him a black monday and he is aware of the possibility of violence. >> i have to watch to is by my side and be very careful. it could happen at any time. >> i read somewhere that this is
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the most racist club in russia bowman not only in russia, but europe. >> the most racist club in europe? management insists it is trying to change chance attitudes to raise including a video camera and praising the world's greatest black players. >> it is a big problem, a problem of for society. the football club is not responsible and we need everyone in russia to try to create a society which does not include racism. >> but coach insists there are no rules banning him from buying black players. in the summer, he signed a brazilian striker and a belgian midfielder. russia is hosting the world cup in five years and the country is running out of time for improving its fans behavior.
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the world cup is the key to this really. we have seen such amazing black fans mightars, actually boo of their own players because of the color of their skin. the world cup will be coming here and the russian football authorities, the club, and the russian gordon and know this is something they have to address. this is something they've got to try to stick when it comes to football. >> very briefly, how own far is racism in football and how wide a problem is that across russian society? >> there is a problem with racism in russian society but not everywhere there is a focus here on central asian immigrants
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and people from other areas. it is this focus on black african people that is very acute because they are much rar er in russia and their old- fashioned people in western europe where black africans are treated as second-class people. that is a big problem here at the moment. >> thank you very much indeed. we will be talking about racism in football a little later today. that is it for now. america." was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe,newman's own foundation, and union bank. fidelity investments and sunny pictures classics. your personally, is made up of the things that matter most including your career.
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